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LED Lighting has dozens upon dozens of benefits that we will cover over the next few months, but first and foremost on my list – the most powerful benefit of LED Lighting is that there is no more Maintenance required for a very long time.  Maintaining lights and changing bulbs is a headache for most home-owners, and it’s an even bigger issue for commercial properties.  Some lights – like the ones in a parking lot – require sending a bucket truck with 2 electricians for example, which can be very expensive;  moreover, all lights on a commercial property need to be fixed and repaired quickly after burning out for safety and legal reasons.  As such, a significant portion of any commercial property budget – Offices, HOAs, Schools, Medical Facilities, Malls, etc. – goes to replacing and maintaining the lights.

Now, most LED lights last between 36,000 hours up to 100,000 hours, far longer than their Metal Halide and Fluorescent counterparts.  If we look at a typical lamp that last 50,000 hours for example – that equates to more than 11 years when on 12 hours a day (such as parking lot lights for example) – which is a radical improvement over traditional lighting.  And the LED lamps coming out in 2017 will be even double that – lasting 20 years or longer.

Also, most LED lights involve bypassing (and thus removing) those terrible ballasts that are prevalent throughout most commercial buildings.  Some LED makers have “ballast compatible” bulbs, which I personally think is a huge mistake – frankly it defeats the primary purpose of migrating to LED which is “to never have to change a bulb (or ballast) again!”.  Therefore between the longevity of the LED lamp and the removal of the ballast, one of the greatest benefits we enjoy with LED lighting is a complete removal of maintenance costs from the operating budget of any commercial property.

Chris Zanyk

Vice President, Itelecom USA



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